We tailor our services to your need. In general we can help you in three areas:

  1. Purpose & Strategy: Define your corporate purpose and create winning strategies. Accelerate your development of sustainable business models, services and products.
  2. Management & Execution: Fast-track your projects and fill short term assignments in Sustainable Business Development, CSR and Corporate Affairs & Communication.
  3. Engagement & Communication: Bring your sustainable business agenda to life. Inspire your employees and external stakeholders with impactful communication and events.

We suggest taking a 3-step approach to fast-forward your sustainable business development. 

  • Step 1: Insight: Understand the facts about global trends and sustainability risks and translate them into business opportunities.
  • Step 2: Innovation: Work across the silos in your organisation and with external partners to innovate solutions and capitalize on sustainable market opportunities. 
  • Step 2: Impact: Scale you new sustainable business ideas with the purpose of “making better business and a better world”.

Feel free to contact us by mail ( for an informal dialogue on how we can help you.

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Founding Partners: Helene Regnell and Morten Nielsen.